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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

Microhydropower business directory - consultants

name country
1 Principal Developer Canada   view
2 "ONETONPUMP" Australia view
3 AAA Hydro Power Consultants India view
4 ab-niru Islamic Republic of Iran  view
5 ABATEC S.A. Argentina view
6 ACON Power Consultants India view
7 ACREST Cameroon view
8 ADEID (Action for Sustanable Development Cameroon view
9 AG Power Company Nepal view
11 Alianza Ambiental Colombia view
12 Alps Power Technologies (P) Limited India view
13 Alternate Hydro Energy Centre India view
14 APERe asbl Belgium view
15 Appropriate Technology & Community Devel Papua New Guinea view
16 APROTEC Colombia     view
17 AQUA-DOMITA Ltd. Kenya view
18 Ashford Engineering Consultants United Kingdom view
19 ASR Power Malaysia view
20 Atharvved Finance Inc. India view
21 B.P. Etudes France  view
22 Barefoot Power Australia view
23 Barnetech Industrial Consultants Ltd. Jamaica view
24 Benegas Argentina view
25 Blue flow Bulgaria    view
26 BOJINI Company (P.) Ltd. Nepal view
27 BOOM Systems Private Limited India  view
28 Cambodia Best Energy Saving Team (CamBEST) Cambodia  view
29 CanHome Consultants Canada  view
30 Central Philippine Unversity - Affiliated Non Philippines view
31 CETA Cuba view
32 Christensen Associates INC. United States view
33 CLEAN AIR KENYA Kenya  view
34 Clean Energy Solutions Papua New Guinea  view
36 D Henderson United Kingdom  view
37 Dans King Limited Cote d'Ivoire  view
38 Dencho Nehuen Co Argentina view
39 Derwent Hydro United Kingdom view
40 Design Centre India    view
41 Developing Technologies United States  view
42 DieZel Spares n Services Pakistan  view
43 dtec energy limited Nigeria  view
44 DTEC ENERGY LIMITED Nigeria  view
45 Dulas Ltd United Kingdom view
46 E & M Hydro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India          view
47 Earth Energy Engineering (EEE,SA) Guatemala    view
48 EcoInnovation New Zealand    view
49 Electrical Technology Services Ltd New Zealand view
50 ElectroMech Engineering Centre Nepal view
51 Energi Ramah lingkungan Indonesia  view
52 Energy & Engineering Solutions India view
53 EnergyEfficicency Centre Georgia Georgia view
54 Engineering Associates Afghanistan view
55 entec ag Switzerland view
56 ER Laguna Construction Philippines  view
57 Fransen Engineering Ltd. Canada view
58 Frendcorp Philippines view
59 GMS Euro Ltd United Kingdom view
60 Green Renaissance United States  view
61 Green World Group Bulgaria  view
62 HAREC S.r.l. Italy   view
63 Heidra Ltd United Kingdom  view
64 HET Services N.V. Surinam  view
65 Hidroastec Ecuador view
66 HS Dynamic Energy Co.,Ltd. People's Republic of China  view
67 Hydro Consult (P) Ltd Nepal view
68 Hydro Tasmania Australia view
69 Hydro Y.E.S. United States  view
70 Hydrogeneration Ltd United Kingdom      view
71 Hydropower Developement India view
72 HydroWatt GmbH Germany   view
73 i.d.m.s. energy construction engineering Turkey  view
74 IBCOenerg - engineering and consultancy Romania    view
75 IED France view
76 Indo Canadian Consultancy Services Ltd India  view
77 INGENDEHSA S.A. de C.V. El Salvador view
78 Innovation Energie Développement - IED France view
79 Insys Controls Pvt.Ltd India view
80 INTEGRATION environment & energy Germany  view
81 Inventechnologies United States  view
82 Isfahan Hydropower centre Islamic Republi view
83 ISL Ingénierie France view
84 IT Power United Kingdom view
85 Jalarka Harvesters Private Limited India  view
86 JJ-TECH Poland   view
87 K.P.Sankaran & Co. India  view
88 Kara Kuram Consultancy Pakistan  view
89 Kasmer Hydristor Corp United States view
90 KATAHDIN ENERGY WORKS United States  view
91 KATAHDIN ENERGY WORKS United States  view
92 Kitsilano Indian Band Canada  view
93 Knight Piesold Consulting Canada view
94 Krishna Grill & Engineering Works (Pvt.) Nepal view
96 L&T Sargent & Lundy Limited India view
97 Lahmeyer International GmbH Germany view
98 Lahmeyer International India Pvt. Ltd. India view
99 Lamjung Electricity Development Company Nepal view
100 Lanka Power Promoters (PVT) Ltd Sri Lanka view
101 Laoconsulting Group Laos view
102 LAPI ITB Indonesia  view
103 LP ELECTRIC s.r.l. Romania view
104 Mannvit Engineering Iceland  view
105 Marshyangdi Associate Nepal  view
107 Maulana Azad National Institute of Techn India view
108 MAX Nature Green Energy Ltd. People's Republic of China   view
109 Meadowland Developers, Incorporated Philippines   view
110 MEC Consultancy [P] Ltd Nepal view
111 Merchant Consulting India view
112 MHyLab Switzerland view
113 MPCL United Kingdom view
114 Multi Service Link Nepal Pvt. Ltd Nepal  view
115 Nam Nhone HydroPower Company Laos view
116 Nat Hydro Powers India    view
117 National Hydropower United States  view
118 Neha consultancy Nepal  view
119 new world commercial enterprises pvt. ltd Nepal  view
120 Nileshwari Enterprises India    view
121 Nova Systems & Solotions India view
122 NWCE Inc. Nepal  view
123 Pelena Rural Energy Solomon Islands (PRESI) Solomon Islands view
124 Pentaflo Hydro Engineers India view
125 Perfect Engineers & Consultants India view
126 Personal Bolivia  view
127 Petco Renergy.Inc. Philippines view
128 PI Mitterfellner & Wlattnig GmbH Austria  view
129 Pico Energy Ltd United Kingdom view
130 Planetary Power Australia view
131 Power & Water Systems Consultants Ltd United Kingdom view
132 Power Communications Inc. Canada view
133 Pro Rekayasa Indonesia  view
134 ProViento S.A. Ecuador  view
135 RACC Clean Energy Ecuador view
136 Rajeev Consultants India view
137 REDCO (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka  view
138 Redco Limited Sri Lanka  view
139 Regency Power Group India   view
140 Renewable Devices Energy Solutions United Kingdom view
141 Roberto Kopper Costa Rica view
142 RS Hydro United Kingdom  view
143 Saket Energies (P) Limited India  view
144 Salem Engineering, Inc. United States view
145 sanjay kumar India view
146 SC Mangus Sol SRL Romania view
147 Segen Ltd United Kingdom  view
148 Shanghai SEME Co.,Ltd. People's Republic of China  view
149 Singal Hydel Consulting India view
150 Smeaton Engineering Consultants Private Limit India view
151 SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. Canada view
152 SOLENATE France view
153 SRS Hydro Powwer India  view
154 STUCKY Ltd Switzerland view
155 studio ingegneria cremonte Italy  view
156 Studio Pietrangeli Italy  view
157 Super hydro generation consultancy services p India  view
158 Sustainable Living Technologies Canada view
160 Techno Trade India  view
161 Thames Renewables United Kingdom view
162 The Stella Group, Ltd. United States view
163 Tractebel Engineers and Constructors Pvt. Ltd India  view
164 Transcend Technical & Engineering Services India view
165 Turbo Engineers India view
166 Univ. Islam Riau Indonesia  view
167 Universal Electric Power Corp United States view
168 VARSPEED Hydro Ltd. Romania      view
169 vijayaillu India  view
170 Village Renewable Energy Systems (India) Priv India  view
171 Vortex hydro Systems South Africa   view
172 Water Recycle Group Australia Australia view
173 WEC Ltd Canada  view
174 Wilde Energy Bridges Consultants Canada  view
175 Willis College of Business and Technology Canada view
176 X-Party Consultant India  view

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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