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Microhydropower business directory - manufacturers

name country products
1 Norris Screen and Man. Inc. Coanda Sales Canada Coanda Intakes view
2 AAA Hydro Power Consultants India Detailed Project Reports view
3 ABATEC S.A. Argentina MH portable hydroturbine view
4 ACREST Cameroon Waterwheel view
5 Action Africa United States Large Canvas Shelters view
6 Addnew Technologies Limited People's Republic of China   Turbines view
7 AES HYDRO Bolivia Cross flow turbines view
8 AIMM Technologies, I United States Hydrokinetic Cl view
9 Alfredssons Maskinaffar Sweden Francis turbines view
10 Alps Power Technologies (P) Limited India STATIC EXCITOR UNIT view
11 APROTEC Colombia     Turbines view
12 ASIAN PAINTS ( INDIA ) India Apcomin & Asioc view
13 Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd Canada  Low Head PowerPal view
14 Azad Engineering Company India hydro turbines view
15 Barnetech Industrial Consultants Ltd. Jamaica Custom built microhydro view
16 Bhawal metal industries India alloy steel pipes, sheets view
17 bijendra heavy electricals India  A.C GENERATOR view
18 Blue flow Bulgaria    Free flow turbine view
19 BOOM Systems Private Limited India  Hydro turbines view
20 cabcomindia India   1 view
21 Cambodia Best Energy Saving Team (CamBEST) Cambodia  view
22 Canadian Hydro Components Ltd. Canada Kaplan view
23 Canyon Industries, Inc. United States Pelton turbines view
24 CARGO&KRAFT TURBIN SVERIGE AB Sweden Kaplanturbines view
25 Central Philippine Unversity - Affiliated Non Philippines crossflow turbine view
26 CETA Cuba Axial turbines view
27 CINK Hydro-Energy s.r.o. Czech Republic Crossflow-Turbine up to 2 view
29 Dans King Limited Cote d'Ivoire  view
30 Deif A/S Denmark GPC view
31 Delton Cables Ltd India POWER CABLE view
32 Dencho Nehuen Co Argentina Pico,Micro,Mini Pelton W view
33 Denon Technologies Ltd Canada IGC view
34 Dependable Turbines Ltd. Canada Francis view
35 Derwent Hydro United Kingdom Propeller turbines view
36 EcoInnovation New Zealand    Smart Drive Generators view
38 Energy & Engineering Solutions India MICRO-HYDRO view
39 Energy Systems & Design Canada Stream Engine view
40 Engineering Associates Afghanistan T-15 crossflow turbine view
41 entec ag Switzerland Consulting view
42 Esdee Electromill Pvt. Ltd. India  White metal lined bearing view
43 Evans Engineering Ltd United Kingdom The 'Picopack' Range view
44 flowmore pvt. ltd. India pump as a turbine view
46 Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd United Kingdom  Turgo Impulse Turbines view
47 GLOBAL HYDRO ENERGY Austria   Turbines view
48 Green World Group Bulgaria  Wind turbines view
49 GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH Austria Kaplan,Francis,Pelton view
50 Hartvigsen-Hydro United States Orange spoon turgo runner view
51 Heidra Ltd United Kingdom  Optiflow T17 Turbine view
52 HS Dynamic Energy Co.,Ltd. People's Republic of China  Kaplan turbine, Micro hyd view
54 HydroCoil Power Inc. United States  Six inch HydroCoil view
55 Hydrogeneration Ltd United Kingdom      Polymer Turbine view
56 Hydrolink Czech Republic Kaplan turbines view
57 Hydropower Turbine Systems, INC. United States OSSBERGER TURBINES view
58 HYDROSCREEN United States plate wedgewire screens view
59 HydroWatt GmbH Germany   waterwheels view
60 Hyorim Ind. Inc. Republic of Korea INTAKE FACILITIES view
61 Importadora Técnica Ltda. Chile view
62 Indiana Gratings Private Limited India  Gratings view
63 INGEHYDRO Spain small scale hydropower pl view
64 IP&L- International Power & Light United States SeaStar Floating Platform view
65 Jagdamba Electricals India  Electrical Distribution P view
66 Jakson Engineers Ltd India  Generator Control Panels( view
67 Jalarka Harvesters Private Limited India  High Efficiency PAT view
68 Jalshakti Engineering Pvt Ltd India  view
69 JJ-TECH Poland   view
70 JLA & Co Belgium    Hydro-electric equipments view
71 Kasmer Hydristor Corp United States Bicycle transmission view
73 Kenya Highlands Agencies Ltd. Kenya view
74 Krishna Grill & Engineering Works (Pvt.) Nepal Pico & Micro hdyro equipe view
75 KV ELECTRIC, INC. United States view
76 Lanka Power Promoters (PVT) Ltd Sri Lanka MIcro hydro in Sri Lanka view
77 Lignum-Vitae.Com United States  view
78 Lo Power Engineering United States  view
79 M/S Radha Structure & Engineering Works (P.) Nepal   Crossflow Turbine view
80 MAX Nature Green Energy Ltd. People's Republic of China   Micro Hydro turbine view
81 MAX-tec Wasserkraft AG Germany  view
82 MPCL United Kingdom Archimedean Screw Generat view
83 Mukhtiar Engineering Works Pakistan  CrossFlow Turbine view
84 Multi Service Link Nepal Pvt. Ltd Nepal  view
85 Nat Hydro Powers India    DPKRM Hydro Turbines view
86 Nautilus Water Turbine United States Nautilus Turbine view
87 Nepal Yantrashala Energy Nepal Turbine view
88 Nileshwari Enterprises India    Energy Meter / Gas Meter view
89 ORENGINE INTERNATIONAL Ecuador H y d r o . E n e r g y . view
90 Orengine International Italy Hydro Energy Turbines view
91 Outsea Nigeria Limited Nigeria view
92 Pentaflo Hydro Engineers India Turbines for MIcrohydropo view
93 Petco Renergy.Inc. Philippines view
94 Phobus tech. Engineering inc. S.a. de c. Mexico 100W MAXIMUM POWER view
95 Planetary Power Australia Walsh River Micro-hydro S view
96 Platypus power Australia AC turbines, PP series view
97 Pompes RITZ France France view
98 Powerbase Automation Systems Inc Canada TCM-30 view
99 Project Prairie United States  Low speed alternators view
100 ProViento S.A. Ecuador  Submergable 500W view
101 Quasar enterprises Canada  view
102 RACC Clean Energy Ecuador Desarrollo de proyectos view
103 Rainbow Power Company Ltd Australia Rainbow Micro Hydro Gener view
104 Raven Technology United States The Blackbird view
105 REDCO (Sri Lanka) Sri Lanka  Turbines view
106 Redco Limited Sri Lanka  Turbines view
107 Regency Power Group India   Power Generation view
108 Remote HydroLight Afghanistan  Crossflow turbine view
109 Retrace Electronics India        Electronic Load Controlle view
110 RS Hydro United Kingdom  Open Channel Flow Meters view
111 S.N.&CO. India Penstock Pipe view
112 Sahyadri Energy Systems Private Limited India Standard Pelton units view
113 Saket Energies (P) Limited India  Hybrid Power Automobile view
114 Shanghai Witmake Industry People's Republic of China  Hydro turbine view
115 Soluciones de Agua y Energia Colombia Pico Pelton runners view
116 SS control system pvt ltd India  MCC/PCC Panel/LINE contro view
117 Standard Electronic Instruments Corpn, India      ELC systems. view
118 Steel Industrials Kerala Ltd India turbine view
119 suvera fluid power pvt. ltd. India Hydraulic hoists view
120 TB Hydro Flovel Valves Private Limited India  Butterfly Valves view
121 Techno Trade India  view
122 Thompson Locomotive and Machine Works United States view
123 TPSC (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. India Hydro e-Kids view
124 Trident Industries India Bearings & Bushes view
126 Tyco Tamar Australia Turbines view
127 U.S. Transformer Inc. United States view
128 UEK Corporation United States 10ft diameter t view
129 Universal Electric Power Corp United States Farm or Estate hydropower view
130 Universal Instruments Manufacturing Co. Pvt. India     Battery charger view
131 Valley Hydro United Kingdom Valley 100 view
132 VARSPEED Hydro Ltd. Romania      ELC w. fixed 50Hz output view
133 Village Renewable Energy Systems (India) Priv India  Pelton Turbines view
134 Vinci Aqua Systems (P) Ltd India  Micro Hydro Turbines view
135 Vortex hydro Systems South Africa   Pelton wheel turbines view
136 Wasserkraft Volk AG Germany hydro-turbine equipment view
137 Water Recycle Group Australia Australia Recycle, PowerPal view
138 Watermotor Bolivia Watermotor model 90 view
139 Waterwheel Factory United States Custom Waterwheels view
140 Wild Water Power! United States Build it yourself video! view
141 win engineering Myanmar  50KW Turbine view
142 Windsor Machinery United States Cross Flow turbines view
143 Windstream Water Turbines Inc. United Kingdom  wind turbines view
144 Worthington Products, Inc. United States TUFFBOOM view
145 YTEK CONTROLS India   Electronic Load Controlle view

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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