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671 Kent Road
New Plymouth
New Zealand   
  contact Michael Lawley
Tel 00 64 6 752 2765
  Fax 00 64 6 752 2768
  @ michael[at]ecoinnovation.co.nz
  WWW http://www.ecoinnovation.co.nz
Company description

EcoInnovation specializes in domestic-scale micro hydro plant exported globally, also wind and PV systems.

We manufacture Pelton turbines using Smart Drive washing machine motors as PM generators.

We sell manuals on how to convert Smart Drive motors to highly efficient low voltage 12/24/48 generators. These units are permanent magnet with efficiencies 75-85%. These units can be air freighted anywhere in the world at very competitive prices.

Michael Lawley has an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and can design a system to meet your specific needs and budget. He has worked in the Renewable Energy field for over 12 years.


Smart Drive Generators
100\'s different units to choose from. These permanent magnet units are suitable for both extra low voltage 12/24/48 applications as well as low voltage 110/230/400. The units are three phase and highly efficient. Excellent for small-scale hydro equipment

Pelton Turbine
Our Pelton turbine is available is 12/24/48 vdc and 300 vac with transformer pack for 12/24/48 vdc output. It is ideally suited for sites with flows from 0.25-8 L/s and head from 5-130m. Each turbine is set up for your site. Maximum output 1200 Watts.

(Information source: registration form submitted 2008-11-21)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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