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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne
Trident Industries
14, RS Industrial Estate
Sonawala Cr. Rd. # 2, Goregaon

400 063
  contact Mr. S.D. Mallya
Tel 91-22-56964133
  Fax 91-22-26858933
  @ tridentinds[at]vsnl.com
Company description

Trident Industries was established in 1991. Manufacturing & Supplying composite bearings, bushes, washers, wear rings, pads, etc. industrial and marine sectors. Representing Polymer Sealing Solutions Ltd. of UK for ORKOT composite bearings.


Bearings & Bushes
Water lubricated hydro-turbine and vertical pump main shaft bearings.Grease/Self lubricating bushes and washers for wicket gate, guide vane,runner blade pitch control mechanisms, etc.

(Information source: registration form submitted 2003-06-24)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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