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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne
MAX-tec Wasserkraft AG
Industriestr. 169

  contact Mr. Luelsdorf
Tel +49-2236-398010
  Fax +49-2236-66492
  @ dluelsdorf@max-tec.de
  WWW http://www.max-tec.de
Company description

Manufacturer of the mirco-hydropower-system called KataMax. KataMax is a combination of proved and tested conveyor technique and highly efficient transformation technology. Hights of fall between 2 and 20 meters are utilizable. It´s an mobile application with an extrem short payback period.


(Information source: registration form submitted 2007-01-18)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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