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Shanghai Witmake Industry
Rm 1207, No.6 Huiyang Mansion,

People's Republic of China 
  contact Lei Wang
Tel 8621-58213600-613
  Fax 8621-58213677
  @ thunder[at]witmake.com
  WWW http://www.witmake.com
Company description

Shanghai witmake industry Co.,Ltd. is ever growing at the pace of china's economic develop, the company's business extensively, involving heavy chemical industry equipment, intelligent robot systems, automotive components manufacturing, international trade, and other fields. Based on years of experience accumulation in the field of industrial equipment, deeply understanding about the considerable progress of  China's equipment manufacturing industry, WITMAKE wish introduce the chinese heavy equipment industry to the world. With the  accumulated customer resources, The WITMAKE will become the  protagonist in the international industry equipment arena. Meanwhile WITMAKE focus on the future of intelligent equipment and industrial automation, We believe in the near future, intelligent equipment to replace the cumbersome manual labor will be inevitable. We hope and wish to share in this enterprise, and work together to create a new situation in intelligent manufacturing.   Cost of any enterprise in today's highly competitive business environment and effective competition to survive the first element, WITMAKE provide you with the most effective cost control, not just sell you consider the highest cost-effectiveness of equipment, we also consider the cost of operation, production efficiency and return on investment. Our goal is to become a reliable company to our customers and establishing a good long-term cooperative relations, growth with all customers. WITMAKE industry has  the goal of serving customers worldwide, In particular, the service to those in need of excellent quality and technical equipment but need good cost control. WITMAKE enabling them to invest less access to the best economic benefits, thus promoting the globalization and development of WITMAKE so that those customers enjoy a common WITMAKE development benefits.


Hydro turbine
Witmake Industry supplies hydraulic turbines for projects ranging in head range between 2-1000 meters and output from 50 kW to 15 MW.  We specializes in tubular, francis, pelton and axial flow Kaplan turbines. Our larger Commercial systems are custom des

Integrated micro hydro tu
Witmake Industry supply integrated micro hydro turbines and pico hydro turbines ranging from 200w to 35 kw for home/village/small factory use. We can supply kaplan, francis, turgo(inclined) and other types of hydro turbine, meeting different requirements.

(Information source: registration form submitted 2008-11-21)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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