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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne
HAREC S.r.l.
Corso Trieste 142

  contact Fernando Nardi
Tel +39 06 45505971
  Fax +39 06 45505972
  @ info@harec.net
  WWW http://www.harec.net
Company description

Hydraulics Applied Research & Engineering Consulting (HAREC) is a civil & environmental engineering consulting firm including maritime and hydraulic engineers, geologists and GIS experts specialized in computer modelling of water-driven phenomena and in the design of hydraulic and maritime structures. HAREC team also includes hydrologists, geomorphologists, statisticians.


Hydropower plants: feasib
Identification of best locations and solutions at the country scale for small to large hydropower plants

Hydropower plants: GIS da
Gathering, processing and editing of world-wide GIS data (topography, geology, land use etc) for the feasibility analysis and preliminary design of hydropower projects.

Hydropower plants: prelim
Preliminary and contract design of small to large power plants including: Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, geologic investigations, structuraldesign, geotechnical design etc

(Information source: registration form submitted 2009-04-24)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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