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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne
Institution of Technicians and Engineers Kash
c/o: Office secretary
Aijaz Telecom ,Sadiqabad
jammu and Kashmir
  contact Gulam Mohammad Bakshi
Tel 9419412730
  @ alam_bakshi[at]yahoo.com
  WWW http://www.ite-kashmir.co.cc
Company description

Introduction The Institution of Technicians & Engineers [Kashmir] is a professional body and educational Institution of Technicians & Engineers [Kashmir], as well as technical persons, whose educational/Technical qualifications are certificate / diploma in different trades of engineering. The Trust shall be bound to work on non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization (NGO). In order to provide technocrats the facilities of up grading of knowledge, guide line for further education & training, guide line for establishing of Industries and aware the general public in the matters relating to technology, public safety, i.e. safety for human- lives/property in use of electricity. The founder / corporate members of the Trust shall decided to work for the fulfillment of the following objectives. Objectives. The Institution of Technicians & Engineers [Kashmir] has been established with the following objectives: v To develop professional skills/status among technicians/ members. v To import technical knowledge among the members and general public through newsletter/journal. v To aware the general public, about the importance of saving of national wealth electricity, water resource and natural beauty etc. v To provide assistance and guidance to the trainees of technical Institutions. I.e. ITI’s and polytechnics etc. v Voluntarily arrangements of technical manpower when a disaster occurs. v To Establish The Institutions of Technicians[Kashmir] v To setup Industries and create new projects,to eradicate the un-employment(to some extent) v To develop the progressive system in the field of technical education etc. v To develop the technical educational technology and develop the new products/techniques of engineering, and provide the technical education to the whole community in regular as well as in the distance and examinations etc. v The Licentiate qualification shall be given to those person having the high skill in relative fields of engineering etc.. v Research & Technology development, designing fabrication & documentation, Technical education, associate-ships, licentiateships, and skill training providers in scientific & technical education Industrial development all by mode of distance as well as regular according to the circumstances privileged for the welfare of the community at large without discrimination of caste. Creed etc with objects and constitution as hereinafter. v Development of non-conventional energy recourses and design development etc. i.e., hydropower, solar technology, green technologies.


(Information source: registration form submitted 2009-09-20)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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