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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne
Pedro Gosseal 148 y Mariano Ec


  contact DR NARDER
Tel 593.9.720240
  Fax 593.2.435856
  @ mail[at]orengine.com
  WWW http://www.orengine.com
Company description

Orengine has operated in the energy business since the beginning of the eighties, developing know-how of highest industrial level in order to supply any kind of small power plant in the field of renewable energy, from hydro to wind and solar integrated to diesel and, recently, to small gas turbine.


H y d r o . E n e r g y .
Orengine employs new design techniques, synthetic materials and electronic technologies in the construction of small and mini power plants

(Information source: registration form submitted 2002-10-24)

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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