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You are here: Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

Micro hydropower discussion forum
Nearly 15 years ago I realised that on the internet several energy related discussion groups exist ranging from homepower, stoves, bioenergy, alternative energy to solar energy. However, none of them was specially dedicated to micro hydropower.

As I am of the opinion that the exchange of information can benefit all of us, I took the initiative of starting a discussion list on run-of-the-river hydropower schemes. The purpose of this list is exchange of information on technical as well as non technical issues concerning micro hydro. The list will facilitate exchange of information, finding answers to micro hydro related questions, announcing relevant activities (conferences, news flashes, software releases, book reviews etc., etc.) and of course making friends. 

Currently over 3000 individuals with an interest in microhydro power are member of the microhydro discussion forum. A very broad spectrum of topics was discussed and valuable information exchanged. To get an impression of the topics covered sofar, you can visit the groups' archive.

Some reactions of group members:

I love this group and the discussion.  Don't stop.

THANK YOU Wim for moderating this forum! I enjoy picking up pieces of useful information, and knowing that I am connected with others worldwide who have the same interest and enthusiasm for this topic.

I have been interested in Micro hydro for about 10 years but have not met anyone else interested.   Thanx to who ever put this thing together , It is a bright spot for me....

I find the group always interesting and I am always surprised at the busy business people who find time to contribute

It is great to have a forum to discuss and promote this important renewable resource.The international aspect of the group is especially rewarding.

have found it very helpful,and the contacts priceless

I have learnt a lot, just from the emails that I am receiving from the group.

Very good initiative. It is my most important source for M.H. info now, and my outlet for the things I want to share.

seems to me to be an excellent resource for those of us with the common interest in small scale and micro hydro set ups


Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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