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Hydropower in the Netherlands

Despite the fact that The Netherlands are a (very) flat country, hydropower does contribute to the Dutch energy production. This contribution originates from centuries old watermills in Limburg and Twente, to the modern hydroplants in the rivers Rhine and Maas.

On these Internet pages, an overview is given of the use of hydropower in the Netherlands. This site is a sub segment of the microhydropower web portal by Wim Klunne on microhydro worldwide.

The emphasis on these pages is on the use of hydropower to generate electricity. Contrary to common believe, hydro electricity is generated at a number of places in the Netherlands.

Installed capacity in the Netherlands (electrical)
hydropower   solar energy (PV)
hydropower large rivers
37.3 MW
stand-alone systems
4 MWp
traditional watermills
< 1 MW
grid connected systems
5.3 MWp
total hydropower approx.
38 MW
total solar electricty approx.
10 MWp
(source PV data: http://www.mysolar.com/mysolar/pv/country_nl.asp)

This site is under development. As the main focus is the Netherlands, this site will be expanded in Dutch first before translated pages will be added. Your contribution towards the development of this site is highly appreciated and explicitly sollicitated for. Please find my contact details by following this link.

general background on hydropower
article on hydropower in the Netherlands (sorry, Dutch only)
Tidal hydropower at the Oosterschelde barrier (sorry, Dutch only)

Overview of hydropower in the Netherlands
electricity generation
large rivers
electricity generation
small scale
mechanical energy
traditional watermills

Alphen (14 MW)
Hagestein (1.8 MW)
Linne (11.5 MW) (in Dutch)
Maurik (10 MW) (in Dutch)

Gulpen, Roex (9 kW) (info via external link in Dutch)
Haandrik (100 kW)
Hackfort (5 kW) (info via external link in Dutch)
Mechelen (20 kW)(info via external link in Dutch)
Meerssen (35 kW)(info via external link in Dutch
Nederweert (35 kW)
Roermond ECI (200 kW) (in Dutch)
Sittard (info via external link in Dutch)
Waalre (info via external link in Dutch)
Wijlre (info via external link in Dutch

Some examples are::
Oele (near Hengelo) (in Dutch)
Borculo (in Dutch)
Den Haller (Diepenheim) (in Dutch)

Internet sites with information on hydropower in the Netherlands:

Information by the bureau duurzame energie with an interesting fact sheet on hydropower (PDF-file) (in Dutch)

Chapter on hydropower in the policy paper Duurzame energie in opmars (actionprogramme 1997-2000) by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (in Dutch)

Buro Aangepaste Technology (BAT) in Sittard, active on the field of adapting traditional watermills for electricity generation.

Comments and remarks to Wim Jonker Klunne

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